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About the game

One of the largest Private servers released at the time. The pioneer of the case and shop market system which allows users to sell and collect skins within the community. This system was developed first by Makan in 2015, the same system has been maintained to date! The efficient backend of the website was developed by Luka which has allowed us to launch a plethora of gamemodes and events for users to enjoy. Our case designs and art are all created by our lead designer, Nix and game server management is run by Seth.

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Still a work in progress

Currently an open source project run by Makan, the website is currently under work to become a closed project with a wider range of features.

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Meet the Team

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Owner & Full-Stack Developer

Manages the team and future of SyntxProject while contributing to the code of our software.

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Full-Stack Developer

Created the backend of Abs0rb, currently maintaining the games functionality.

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Full-Stack Developer

Another member of the Abs0rb gameserver team, releasing updates and features.



Our lead designer, helps us create logos for multiple of our projects and provide us artwork for Abs0rb.